Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I have very few memories of my father who died from leukaemia when I was five years old.  Some of  those I have I've written about on a separate page on this blog which you may have time to read.  I am remembering my father this week because he was born on November 10th and also because he served his country in the second World War.

Harry Lawrence Gough
1909 - 1955

He married my mother on Boxing Day 1938 - the photo above was taken a couple of years later.  There are no wedding photos,  apparently they asked a friend to take them but something went wrong with the film and they were all lost.

When war broke out they lived in Leicester where my father was a baker and confectioner.  As he was a little older he wasn't immediately called up for duty and so joined the home guard in Leicester.  My mother had written on the back of the photo 'Harry and friends at the outset of war.  Home guard 1940'  I wonder who the other three are?  They look a lot younger than my father.

Later he served with the RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps) firstly in the very north of Scotland and then in the Middle East.  Apparently he was a cook; the logistics of keeping the troops fed must have been quite a responsibility.

There is nothing on the back of the photo below to say when and where it was taken or who the two men on either side of my father may be.

I call my father 'father' because I always called my step-father 'Dad'.  He too did service during the war in REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) maintaining guns along the south coast in places like Portsmouth and Weymouth before being sent to the Middle East and Italy.

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  1. Hello Rosie, welcome to my blog. I have joined your genealogy blog because I find it all fascinating. I love old photos and your mum and dad were very a very handsome couple together. I am hoping to pick up some tips too!