Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A Visit to Lichfield

Still on a quest to determine if the Edward Limb born in 1793 at Shipley, Derbyshire was my 3x great grandfather (see my previous post) I booked in at the Archives office at Lichfield where they keep the Bishop's Transcripts (BTs) for Derbyshire as well as Staffordshire.  They have a very comprehensive website and online catalogue (link) so I knew that I would be able to view the transcripts for St Lawrence, Heanor and hoped that they would be easier to read than the parish registers.

I checked the baptism of Edward, son of William and Anne Limb of Shipley it was indeed 29th September 1793.  I also found the baptism of another Edward, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Limb of Shipley Wood on 4th August 1793 but found his burial  two years later on 25th December 1795.  Thus confirming I'd found the right Edward Limb born c. 1793.

At this point I searched back through the records for the birth of a William Limb in Shipley and found one baptised on 17th September 1753 - son of Ann Limb.

It was rather strange but most satisfying to be looking at the original documents, even though I was worried about opening them up and the plastic gloves we had to wear were making my hands feel uncomfortable - it reminded me of when I first started researching my family history over 20 years ago.  Those were the days before many records had been filmed and the originals plus cotton gloves were presented for our research.

Another interesting find was the burial of a Bonnit (sic) Limb on January 16th 1764.  I had also found the baptism and burial of a Bennet (sic) Limb to William and Ann  born in 1795 and buried in 1796.  Given that the spelling of names wasn't always consistent I thought that this sounded like a family name.  The earliest reference to Limbs in Heanor and Shipley I found was 1755 but I didn't have time to look at any earlier records,  I may go back to investigate but I think that I can now safely say that my 3x great grandfather Edward Limb was the son of William and Ann Limb of Shipley, Derbyshire.


  1. Agreed, fellow detective.

  2. I must go back and do a bit more detective work - I'd really love to go back further with this one:)

  3. Just found your blog and, as a lapsed family history hunter (because I've got to the point where all the easy bits are done!), think that it will be great to read about your detective work to get me inspired again!

  4. Hello Joe, I'm glad you found my blog and that you feel inspired to start researching again - good luck with it:)