Monday, 7 June 2010

Where Now?

I've hit another of those unsolvable brick-walls that family historians tend to run headlong into! I have one or two 'knotty problems' I've been unable to solve over the last twenty years or more that I have been doing research.

After my last post about searching in Birmingham and acquiring the birth certificate of my great-grandmother Sarah Hodgetts I followed up with sending for the marriage certificate of her parents Robert Hodgetts and Mary Ann Bennett in the hope that this would give me the names of the couple's fathers. In Robert's case this information had been left blank so I am none the wiser! I guess he was illegitimate and that the fact that he is called Robert Scott Hodgetts stems from this, now would his father have been a Scott or a Hodgetts? I'm guessing that Hodgetts was probably his mother's name.

Mary Ann Bennett gives her birthplace as Birmingham on the 1851 census but London on the 1861 census. On the marriage certificate her father's occupation is 'traveller' so she may well have been born in London. I can't find her on the 1841 census in Birmingham so the family could have been anywhere in the country - I have come to a standstill on this one, I think!

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