Sunday, 6 December 2009

Update on Joseph Limb

This week we needed to visit an Ikea store and it seemed like a good idea to go to the Nottingham one which is actually at Giltbrook and very close to Awsworth, Eastwood, and Ilkeston all places my ancestors have lived and worked. Toying with the idea of finding out where my great great grandfather Joseph Limb might be buried (see my previous post) I looked on the website of the Archives at Nottingham. On looking up Awsworth St Peter's I found that their records were also in the libraries at Beeston and Eastwood. As Eastwood is just a few miles from Ikea the decision was made. A quick telephone call was all that was needed to find out that a - they had the burials records from 1900 onwards and b - I could book a microfiche reader.

When we arrived we went straight upstairs to the Local Studies area and found the fiches I wanted to look at. I picked the first fiche and placed it in the machine. Imagine my shock when the first thing I saw was the address where my great great grandfather died - I had found the entry of his burial without even manipulating and searching the fiche - I was certainly meant to find the entry that day!

We left Eastwood and called at Awsworth before setting off for home. Although there isn't a memorial stone with an inscription it was nice to think that at last we had found where Joseph and Alice Limb were buried.

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