Friday, 13 February 2009

A Simple Spelling Error

I mentioned in my recent post on searching the 1911 census that on one side of my family, great grandparents were missing. Well, now they are found. I knew the family should have been on Maypole Hill, Newhall as they were there in 1901 and my great grandmother died there in 1915 but I didn't have a house number. By searching for Maypole Hill, Newhall I'd found that only odd numbered houses had been transcribed. I e-mailed the help team on the 1911 site to enquire if some houses had been missed in the transcription and I had a response and enquiry number retuned immediately along with a promise that they would look into my query and respond in a couple of days. In the meantime I decided to look again at the 1901 census on ancestry and I'm glad I did because I discovered that there was a house number after all. Number 3. I returned to the 1911 site and brought up the transcription for that household, and there they were as Gaugh instead of Gough. There is a button available on the transcript to report any errors so I gave them my findings. Not long after I received an e-mail saying that the transcription had been sorted and that they were pleased to see I had answered the query for myself. Wonderful - someone had actually, not only sorted my query out but had the gumption to put two and two together and realise both queries related to the same problem. Pretty good service I would say.


  1. I have recently started researching mine and my husbands family history. It's something I have been meaning to do for years after writing things on pieces of paper as relatives tell me bit and bobs.Anyway I decided to check out your blog as I remembered you were doing one on your family. I wanted some ideas.
    It was a surprise to see you had only just written about your family in Newhall on 13th Feb. My husbands family were living not too far away in 1911 on Parliment Street Newhall. Small world,I wonder if they new each other. I also lived in Newhall many years ago. There were quite a few Goughs still living in the area.

  2. Hello Rosie,
    It is a small world isn't it? I expect the families would have know each other by sight even if they didn't know them very well, My family were mostly coal miners so if your husband's were too they may have worked at the same pit.

    My branch of the Gough family left Newhall about 1915 and moved into Nottinghamshire. My granny Rose was born at Midway. How interesting that you lived there I'd love to hear some of your memories of the place.

    If I can help at all with anything re your family history research please e-mail me and I'll do my best:)