Monday, 19 January 2009

Searching the 1911 Census

The 1911 Census has been released for some parts of England, including the areas I'm interested in so, as I said in my last post that I'd have to wait for the 1911 census to find out more about my great grandmother Celia Limb, I found I didn't have as long to wait as I thought I would.

For the moment I've only been looking at the transcripts rather than the original pages because it is a lot cheaper but there is lots of information to be gleaned from these. As with previous census returns you can find out all people in the household, their ages, marital status, place of birth and occupations. A new addition is the number of years married. For instance on the entry for my great grandparents Thomas and Sarah Ann Edwards it states that they had been married for 36 years. Also, with this census, you get a clearer address for where they lived.

I found the site quick and easy to use. I was already registered on Find My Past (Link on my side panel) and I just had to purchase some credits on-line and the searching began.

Rather disconcertingly one set of my great grandparents is missing. I know they were still alive and that they were buried in Newhall, Derbyshire and had lived there all their lives but they don't appear on any searches I've done so far. I doubt they were missed out or that they had travelled very far from home so I expect that it is a spelling or handwriting issue and that they are hidden somewhere, with the computer unable to find them.

Back to Celia. Her children are living at 30 Warren Terrace, Shirebrook. The eldest is 23 and considered to be head of the household. The youngest is 9 years old. So where was Celia? Yet again she has thrown up a mystery as I eventually found her visiting a family by the name of Edwards - no relation to the Edwards I mentioned earlier as they were on my father's side of the family and Celia is on my mother's side - in Attercliffe, Sheffield. I've found on the list of mourners at my great-grandfather's funeral a Mr Edwards of Sheffield, so I'm guessing this must be the same one and that they were friends of the family rather than relatives. There are also other morners from Woodhouse, Sheffield so there must have been some connection with Sheffield somewhere.

Interestingly, Celia's future second husband is lodging with my grandparents. Also in that household was my Aunt Gladys, aged 4. The photo below shows my grandmother Florence Limb with my Aunt Gladys which looks to have been taken around 1911 or 1912.


  1. What marvelous pictures and family history you have. I enjoy reading about family histories. It makes them live forever! Be Well, Be Happy ;)

  2. Thanks, Pam - I am lucky to have lots of family photos:)