Saturday, 1 March 2008

Old Postcards

I mentioned these postcards in my post on 'Collecting Postcards' on my other blog ,so as they have family connections I thought I would show them here. They were sent to me from Canada and relate to my mother's side. the Stubbs family.

My great grandmother moved from Hose in Leicestershire to Shirebrook in Derbyshire and there are post cards of both places.

The post card above shows one of the main streets in Hose and was posted to my Great Grandmother in 1909 from the nearby village of Long Clawson. The message reads:-

'Dear Aunt, Hope you are still alive, how is Gertie getting on. Do you recognise this view. Busy here today, Love from Edie.'

The second postcard was sent to Miss G Stubbs, this would have been my grandmother's sister Gertrude Ellen (Nellie), the address is in Matlock Bath, Derbyshire and post stamped both in Long Clawson and Melton Mowbray 27th November 1905. I wonder why Gertrude was in Matlock Bath, on holiday? I doubt it as folks didn't have holidays very often back then, maybe staying with friends or more likely - in service?

The message on the back is as follows:-

'Dear G, I don't think I have sent you a view of Hose church. I think its a very good one. We are having a Band of Hope meeting at Chapel tonight. Dad is going on nicely.'

Unfortunately this one isn't signed but the writing looks very similar to the first one.

Moving on to Shirebrook and this wintry view sent to Nellie from her future husband Alf it was posted in Shirebrook in 1905 to an address in Belper. In his message he asks for her to send post to him at Hardwick Farm. Presumably this is where he was working perhaps? I wonder if the farm was in the village of Hardwick, near Hardwick Hall or if it was elsewhere?

Another Shirebrook post card, this time with no message or post mark on the back so there is no date but I expect it is contemporary with the others. This shows some of the shops where my both my great grandmothers and my grandmother would have bought their goods. The model village was built to house people coming into Shirebrook to work at the colliery which was nearby.

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