Thursday, 24 January 2008

Catching Up

I've just realised that I haven't done any posts on this blog for ages so I'm just bringing it into 2008. Since November I've done a few weeks seasonal work for Royal Mail, then been ill over Christmas and well into the new year with flu but I haven't done any family history at all.

I'm hoping to catch up with things later this year in the meantime I'll leave you with a couple of photographs relating to my Aunt Gladys who was mentioned in my last post.

I love this photograph because it is so full of interesting things. This is my aunt strolling along a busy street- so how can I discover where and what date it was taken? Where is the street? She was born and brought up in Shirebrook, so is the street in Shirebrook? It looks a little busy and wide to me and also the buildings seem large for Shirebrook but it could be. Or perhaps it is Mansfield or Nottingham? The shop on the left of the photograph behind the car is owned by 'L. S. Cartwright'. Was there an L. S . Cartwright in Shirebrook.? This is something I will have to try and find out. How can I date the photograph? From the shop perhaps? Or the car? or my Aunt's clothes? She seems to be carrying a cardboard box and sometimes gas masks were in cardboard boxes, is it a gas mask and therefore is it a wartime photograph? I'm not sure. Her clothes are quite long, more late 30s than early 40s perhaps? During the 'make do and mend times' during the second world war clothes were shorter and more fitted, so as to use less material as it was rationed. There are so many things to find out about this photo.

Above is a photograph of my cousin Brian, Gladys's only son. He was born in 1938 and was her pride and joy. He was never a well child and suffered with chest problems most of his short life. He died in 1965, age 26. My aunt never recovered from his death, she suffered badly with her nerves and was just beginning to make progress back towards health when she suffered a stroke and died, two years later in 1967. My Uncle Harold died eight years later. I have a box of their family records and photographs which came from Mum's house - there is no one else to pass them on to - just me; but who will want them when I am gone?


  1. I'd guess 1937/38 for this photo of your aunt, don't think it's wartime as there's no sign of anti blast tape on windows nor sandbags etc. How sad that she lost her son when he was so young.

  2. Thanks, rowan - I had a feeling it would be around then - just need to find out where it was taken now:)

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