Sunday, 25 February 2007

St Peter's Church, Stapenhill

Below is a photo of St Peters Church, Stapenhill, Nr Burton-on-Trent

It didn't look like this when my 4x great grandfather Thomas Gough married Sarah Boddis here on 5th November 1789 or when Sarah was buried here on 3rd March 1802 or when he was married again to Margaret Brierley on 3rd October 1803 or even when he was buried here on 28th April 1812. It looked more like this:

The mediaeval church was demolished c.1780 and replaced by a new nave and a bell turret the chancel was left as it was. You can see this from the early 19th century drawing above. The whole church was rebuilt in 188l.

I don't think the approach to the church would have looked like this either.

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