Thursday, 1 February 2007

My Oldest Photograph

The photograph below was sent to me by by a distant relative who contacted me via one of the genealogy lists on the internet. We have been corresponding by e-mail and snail mail for several years now. We share a mutual great, great grandmother Alice Reeve, and we are sure that the lady in this photo is her. Alice already had a two year old daughter, Sarah, when she married my great, great grandfather Joseph Limb. My friend in the US is descended from that daughter, I am descended from the first son of the marriage. The three children in the photograph are Sarah's three children taken, we think, before Sarah and her family emigrated to America, probably as a souvenir to take with them.

Joseph and Alice stayed in England, as did their other children including my great grandfather, William Edward. Joseph was born in Shipley, Derbyshire in 1837. He married Alice at Awsworth, Nottinghamshire in 1858 and the couple lived first in Shipley, then Staveley, (where William Edward was born) then Awsworth and then Shirebrook, where Alice died in 1903. Joseph lived on until 1914. He died at no 34 Lace Street, Nottingham whilst living with his daughter and son-in-law, after a long life of hard work in the collieries and a considerable amount of family tragedy.

This family are my mother's ancestors and they seemed to move backwards and forwards over the Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire borders seeking employment. It must have been a hard life.

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