Sunday, 11 February 2007

Great, grandmother Martha

The photograph below is of my great grandmother on my mum's mother's side of the family. Martha Elizabeth Matthews was born in 1854 in Welby, Lincolnshire and was the daughter of Edward Matthews and his wife Elizabeth. Edward was a saddler and harness maker in Welby. Martha married twice. Her first marriage, in 1874, was to my great grandfather William Stubbs a farmer of 63 acres in Hose, Leicestershire. I will write more about the Stubbs family of Hose and Long Clawson in another post.

William Stubbs died in 1893 and eventually Martha married again. Her second husband was James Roberts and I eventually found her, after much searching, on the 1901 census, living in Heanor in Derbyshire. A few years later the family moved to Shirebrook in Derbyshire and Martha died there in July 1915.

Martha is the only great grandmother I have a photograph of, so I'm quite fond of it, but she does look a bit formidable, doesn't she?

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