Wednesday, 31 January 2007


I decided to start a new blog to write bits and pieces about my family history, as it seemed rather different to what I was writing about on Corners of my Mind.

I first started to research my family tree in the early 1980s long before archive offices were fully equipped with micro film readers, micro fiche readers and computers with access to the internet. I remember my first visit to the Derbyshire Records Office at Matlock to look at the parish registers for Stapenhill. The white vellum bound register was placed on a large cushion and as I gently turned the old, browning pages with hands bound in white cotton gloves I felt a growing excitement. When I found entries for the marriage and death of my 4x great grandfather in 1789 and 1812 respectively I knew I was well and truly hooked.

I'm not quite sure what sparked off my interest, maybe it was old family photos, a visit to a churchyard full of family graves or maybe it was finally being old enough to listen to my mum's stories of her past without getting bored as I had done when I was a teenager. I wish now that I had asked more questions before she died but at the time I felt it was better to let her talk as I didn't want to rake up anything that was upsetting in any way.

I've always been interested in history, my degree is history based and I'd worked in Museums for a number of years so I was used to research in libraries and archives. So my interest, no - obsession - began.

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